June 2015

Geoff D.

Doug Albert has helped me to transform my life.  Through his careful listening to my needs, thoughtful recommendations, monitoring of my conditions, willingness to create a program tailored for me, and encouragement along the path, I’ve been able to take the most significant steps in...

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Glenda A.

I heard about Doug from a friend of my husband, who was having problems similar to mine. I had a serious digestive problem (…). My gastroenterologist prescribed medications, changed my diet, and, in frustration, even had me undergo a colonoscopy, none of which resulted in...

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Welcome to the Turning Points Nutrition blog!

Hi! My name is Doug Albert and I’m a Certified Nutritional Consultant. Thanks for reading my first-ever blog. Although I’m a rookie to blogging, I did write program notes for a professional orchestra for more than 10 years. Some folks even said that my program...

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