Geoff D.

Geoff D.

Doug Albert has helped me to transform my life.  Through his careful listening to my needs, thoughtful recommendations, monitoring of my conditions, willingness to create a program tailored for me, and encouragement along the path, I’ve been able to take the most significant steps in my health maintenance in 65 years. 

Before I began working with Doug, I did not understand nutrition or what it meant to eat healthy.  I had either been an ‘eat what you like’ person or followed the latest fad, with little-to-no understanding of what the impact was.  I was on a lifelong see-saw of losing and gaining weight, the result of trying diets and exercise routines that would somehow miraculously transform me.  At 64 years old, I was diabetic with a 7.5 A1C, had high cholesterol and triglycerides controlled through statins, and experienced many minor aches and pains.

Because of the work I’ve done with Doug, my latest A1C was 6.1, I am off all of my medications, and I’ve lost 36 pounds since November of 2014.  By shifting my goal on eating more healthy, Doug was able to help me focus on what truly mattered as a goal – and it wasn’t the scale or the numbers.  They became the side-effects of a truly life-transforming experience.

I would highly recommend Doug to anyone who has not fully understood the ingredients and recipe for healthy eating.

This client is the “poster child” for taking nutritional advice and running with it. He is an avid cyclist with a very discipline disposition. Before making nutritional recommendations, I collected all of his data, including medical conditions, medications, supplement usage, current diet, and life-style information. I then scheduled a consult with Geoff to explain the various roles of food for metabolism, digestion, cell protection, immune system, etc. The client literally “ate it up” and never looked back. Geoff has not only lost significant weight, currently at his lowest in MANY years, but also improved all of his health markers through extensive blood panel results. In fact, his doctor asked him what he was doing because she had never seen such improvement in a patient. Rock on Geoff…you’re the man!

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