I was in rough shape when I first met with Doug to discuss my health issues, some of which were readily apparent. What a difference his advice to me has made! A year later I am a whole new person and have great hope for improvement into the future!  Doug is wonderfully kind and extremely thorough and professional.  He worked with me on a plan for a healthy lifestyle within my comfort zone and with respect to the doctor’s advice and treatment. Before he made any recommendations, he made sure he knew exactly what he was dealing with to the best extent possible. He is an educator, and a trusted advisor. He has been very willing to answer all of my questions and followed up faithfully with my continued progress.

When I talk with a friend about health concerns or nutrition questions, Doug’s name practically jumps out of my mouth.  There is a lot of nutritional advice available on the internet, some good, no doubt.  The problem is that not everything applies to every person. A recommendation from Doug will be personalized and relevant to the individual and their specific issues.   

In the case of this client, we were friends and I had noticed that she wasn’t looking well. We agreed to meet in hopes of figuring out the problem. After listening to PC’s past health story, family background, medical diagnoses and diet, we mapped out a dietary and lifestyle plan for addressing her specific health condition. We met several times in person but also made daily/weekly contact as desired through texts, e-mails, and phone conversations. I’m happy to say that the client is no longer experiencing the exhausting symptoms that were plaguing her as few as 3 months earlier. Nutrition is a powerful tool and this client intentionally used it to her advantage.

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